Project Overview


  • Web Refresh
  • API integration
  • Website Build
  • Search Engine Optimisation


  • Re-design and development of core pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Writing
  • Booking system API integtration
  • Mobile optimisation


Based in a small town in Utah, Escalante Escapes run a series of luxury Tiny Homes for people to stay in. When the owner Ben came to us, they were planning to launch six more homes to their current portfolio and wanted to ensure they would have bookings coming in.

They needed an overhaul of their exsiting website to make it optimised for mobile, integrate with their online booking systems and showcase their three tiers of Tiny Homes avilable, to ensure year-round bookings and an even income stream.


We started with fully updating their website to be fast and easy to use on mobile to ensure a good user experience. 

To achieve their booking goal we took a three pronged approach;

1. Developed a dedicated area to detail the different Tiny Home available whilst showing the unique features of each

2. Integrated a booking system into the website so bookings can be taken directly online rather than re-directing out to Air BnB

3. Add a blog and “Explore” section to the site to add value to the user experience and enable vistors to plan their holiday, reducing the drop off of bookings.

Flexible design

Visually driven , functionally smart

With some hesitation from customers on what a holiday in a ‘Tiny Home’ would look like, the website was built to be as visual as possible and showcase the incredible photography of these beautiful getaways. 

This visual appeal, was backed up by a supportive naviagtion systems with stepped Call To Actions to minimise customer drop-off, but allow for deeper dives into content at any opportunity. 

API INtegration

Bookings direct to you

Prior to the website update, Escalante Escapes they were seeing a lot of their bookings coming from third party sites rather than generating clients through their own website. We integrated their Logix reservation software into their site to pull through details about each Tiny House, enable live availability and bookings.

Supplementary to this, their explore section and blog, woked to build up their SEO and pull traffic and leads from other sources, ultimately delivering a higher number of  bookings then seen before.

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