The five best social analytics tools

by: Binary Star Digital

You’re posting, tweeting and regramming, but are your social strategies translating into actual traffic and leads? To be able to identify what’s working you’ll need to be able to choose the right metrics to measure success and have the right tools to be able to track and improve performance.

Here are five of the best tools available and why you should use them.

Hootsuite – For everyone

Aside from being a social media scheduling tool, Hootsuite is also great way to measure the success of your campaigns in real-time. You can create custom dashboards, an unlimited number of reports and compare Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in one place.

This tool is perfect for everyone. No matter your budget or size, you can gain a lot of value from Hootsuite’s analytical tools.

Price: Free plan with paid options


Sprout Social – For big brands

Another tool that has a huge focus on scheduling, but Sprout Social allows you to also listen to relevant social media conversations, monitor keywords and hashtags and view post level analysis for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Although you can try Sprout Social with a free trial, the actual platform doesn’t start cheap. Plus, with the level of detail you can drill down to, this tool is best suited for larger brands who can use this a full social media solution.

Price: starts at $99 per user/month


Octopost – For B2Bs

If your main industry is the B2B sector, you should take a look at Octopost. This tool has been specifically designed to measure social media activities that are directly looking at business to business goals. Octopost focuses on data driven analytics to measure your ROI impact. You can track lead generation of your social posts, channels, profiles and campaigns.

With such a strong focus on business, this tool will resonate with you if you need to clearly demonstrate the value of your social and gain insight on what engagement truly resonates for your B2B focus.

Price: Contact for details


Google’s Data Studio – For small businesses

If monthly social media reporting causes you to break into a cold sweat, then look no further. Google’s Data Studio is one of our favourite tools for social media and one we use for our own clients. The beauty of this tool is it’s an open sandbox for you to design and set up your reports however you need. It works by importing data sources via Google Sheets or Partner Connectors. From there, you can create beautiful, customised reports covering off anything you can think off. Organic, paid, every social platform, unlimited breakdowns, you name it and you can produce it.

With the freedom and flexibility of this tool, we would recommend it for everyone, but it does need some technical set up to initially kick it off.

Price: Free, but partner connectors are paid for


Iconosquare – For quick results

Iconosquare is a targeted platform that solely focuses on Instagram and Facebook. You can see graphs and metrics that display your performance and show when your customers are online. You can also check out your follower evolution and average engagement rate per post and, our favourite, industry benchmarking.

If you need quick, clear metrics that are displayed in an easy to understand format, make sure you check out this tool. Just bear in mind, that it is limited to Facebook and Instagram

Price: Starts at $29/ per month


There you have it. Our top five social media analysis tools for every type of business and budget. If you are interested in getting more out of your social media or need assistance in reporting and analytics, just get in contact with us at Binary Star Digital.