WordPress 5.4 is here

A new version of WordPress is here! The WordPress 5.4 – Adderley release brings some great updates to the platform at a time when digital is the new name of the game… especially with so many people in lockdown around the world with the Corona Virus crisis.

WordPress 5.4 brings four major update areas that will show you core improvements:

  1. Speed – the editor now loads 14% faster AND it is 51% faster for you to type.
  2. New Blocks – the editor now brings two new blocks that have been seriously lacking in previous releases.
    • Social Icons Block – With this block you can now add social icons to you posts and pages. It offers a full range of social networking icon options, with TikTok being the latest addition. Please note, that this block allows you to add social links to you own profiles; social share buttons will still need to be added with a separate plugin.
    • Buttons Block – This replaces the old ‘button’ block. See the addition of the ‘s’ there?? Well, you guessed it, with this update you can now add multiple buttons, side-by-side. On top of this, you can now add gradients to the buttons styling.
  3. Updated blocks – The guys at WordPress have also added in some great improvements to some of the existing blocks.
    • Colour options – You’ll find a variety of new colour options in most of the blocks. You can now change the colour of a selection of text within a paragraph block, plus you now have the ability to choose background and text colours for all blocks within a group block which makes it easier to have consistency in your design and layout.
    • Latest Post Block – the lack of a featured image showing up in the Latest Post Block has now been fixed and it comes with the ability to choose it’s size and alignment – making this block much more useful and now needing less custom coding.
  4. Full Screen Editor – Our favourite update by far is that the Guttenberg editor is now full screen by default. No need to install a separate plug-in to set-up your editor correctly.

Overall these are great updates to the WordPress Gutenberg editor and shows that the guys are really listening to community feedback. We’re super excited for these new features and enhancements in the editor and can’t wait to try them out in the new web design projects.

If you’re looking for more information about the latest WordPress updates, or need help with your website, get in touch with us at Binary Star Digital and we would be happy to help.