WordPress 5.5 Release – New Features and Security Updates

For the second major release of the year on August 11 – WordPress 5.5 – Eckstine is here! This release is packed with a lot of improvements

WordPress 5.5 brings four major update especially AROUND the block editor and security

  1. Edit Images – you can now edit images directly inside the block editor, including crop, adjust height, length and aspect ratio.
  2. New Block Patterns – a move on from the reusuable blocks,  Block Patterns, allow you to save and re-use your most commonly used blocks with pre-configured settings. This is perfect for quickly adding set layouts to new pages or posts.
  3. Auto Updates – The security side of WordPress has been a big focus on this release with the introduction of automatic updates for the WordPress Themes and Plugins. There is now an option to set these to auto-update on the Plugins page and the Themes area. This will ensure you always have the most updated version of your favourite theme and plugins and in turn ensure the security of these is fully patched.
    • Image Lazy Loading– Now your site will only load the images visible on the screen, rather than everything at once, which will significantly cut down on your site load time and increase both your user experience and SEO.
    •  XML Default Site Maps – This latest WordPress release will now automatically publish XML Sitemaps for your website. Although this is useful for basic sites where no sitemap is set up, this feature is still only very basic and we would recommend you using something like Yoast SEO to get the maximum functionality and flexibility out of your sitemap. 

    Overall these are great updates to the WordPress Gutenberg editor and helping keep the WordPress sites secure.  We’re super excited for these new features and enhancements in the editor and can’t wait to try them out in the new web design projects.

    If you’re looking for more information about the latest WordPress updates, or need help with your website, get in touch with us at Binary Star Digital and we would be happy to help.